Webinars & Podcasts

If you were unable to join us on some of our latest webinars, then this is your opportunity to catch up. We have selected some of our recently recorded webinars which provide advice and guidance for small businesses experiencing late payment issues.

The impact of late payments on London’s small businesses – Economy Committee

In this meeting the Commissioner was invited to give evidence to the the London Assembly Economy Committee. They examined the causes and impacts of late payments to small businesses and the self-employed in London, including what action the Government is taking.

Talk Money Week 2023

The Small Business Commissioner was joined by Eric Dixon, Founding Director of Eric Dixon Limited, in support of Talk Money Week, which aims to break the stigma of talking about money. Watch the full video here.

How to manage and improve your cashflow – Business Gateways Connections Podcast

The Small Business Commissioner joined Business Gateway’s host, Danny Gallagher, to discuss w topic of cashflow; what it really means, how to create better financial practices, navigating the challenges surrounding cashflow from late payments to working with third parties, and tips for addressing payment issues head-on.

Clive Holland Talks Chasing Payments, Smoking Onsite & More

Recorded 10 November 2022

The Small Business Commissioner, Liz Barclay, joined Clive Holland to discuss late payments and chasing invoices for tradespeople and what support is available to help with getting back late payments.

How to make the banking sector work for SMEs

Recorded 20 September 2022

The Small Business Commissioner, Liz Barclay joined an an FT panel to address the questions: how will inflation and rising interest rates further impact SME access to funding? How do we make digital lending the norm for SMEs? Is it time for governments to take on a larger role in steering the banking system into working better for SMEs?

Barclays Business Health Pledge: Impact of Cost of Living & Doing Business

Recorded 25 July 2022

The Small Business Commissioner, Liz Barclay, joined Barclays Business Banking and an expert panel to discuss the support available for small businesses affected by late payments, the rising costs of doing business and the cost of living crisis.

Meet the Small Business Commissioner and find out about tackling late payments and incorporating ethical payment practices

Recorded 27 July 2022

In a webinar hosted by Companies House, Liz Barclay spoke to small business owners about tackling late payments and incorporating ethical payment practices.

Challenges of late payment

Recorded 19 July 2022

The Small Business Commissioner, Liz Barclay, joined Saltare CEO Anthony Persse to discuss the impact of poor payment practices on UK small and micro businesses, and how the uncertainty of payment affects all elements of their enterprise including how they manage their cashflow, make decisions on recruitment & investment and importantly, the mental heath impact.

Getting paid by your customers in difficult economic times

Recorded 31 March 2022

Liz Barclay discusses with Start Up Donut about how small businesses can get paid promptly, by their customers in difficult economic times

Payment of invoices on time benefits all stakeholders

Recorded 18 March 2022

Liz Barclay and RIABU’s Mark Laudi, discuss the importance of the prompt payment code and how, barring a few outliers, the industry average of payment days has been improving.

Scottish Business Network Podcast

Recorded 7 September 2021

Liz Barclay takes part in a Q&A with Christine Esson and discusses issue of late payment, cash flow and how working with small businesses influenced her career.

UK Finance: Commercial Finance Week: Cashflow in a crisis – a responsible payment culture after Covid

Recorded 6 July 2021

Liz Barclay, joins a panel of experts to discuss issues impacting finance providers and their customers as the UK begins to emerge from the pandemic.