Deal with an unpaid invoice

First make sure that you invoiced correctly, then chase informally before deciding if there’s further action you want to take.


Your customer won’t necessarily tell you that they’re not paying because there was something wrong with your invoice:

  • Did the invoice include everything it should have?
  • Did it go to the right person?
  • Was it received?

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Once you’ve checked your invoice was accurate and received, you can start to chase payment:

  • Have you called or emailed to say payment is now overdue?
  • Have you talked to the company about steps you can take, like charging interest or stopping supply?
  • Have you reminded them that you can take further action?

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If chasing payment hasn’t worked, it’s time to consider your next step:

  • Are you ready to take action, or do you need more advice?
  • Will you gain anything by negotiating a solution with your customer?
  • Have you decided how much time and money you’d be willing to spend to get what you’re owed?

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