Micro Business Alliance Launch


Over 100 organisations that work in supporting micro businesses have united to create and launch the Micro Business Alliance.

The support provided to businesses during the pandemic failed to recognise the vast majority of micro businesses that account for 1 in 3 employees in the country and contribute a fifth of the country’s GDP. Many of these businesses were left simply to fend for themselves as a result of having no means of informing the Government of their situation and needs.

The Micro Business Alliance has been established to ensure that there is an effective dialogue with the Government to ensure that they have the opportunity to understand and better communicate with micro businesses.

Driving the initiative, Tony Robinson, who has championed the micro business sector for many years, commented, “Micro and small businesses form the bedrock of our communities and our local business ecosystems. They provide employment in both the booming and difficult to reach areas, and in many cases give the opportunity for people who do not have the ability to, or choose not to, enter mainstream employment the opportunity to create their own ventures and means to independent living. Until now, business groups have lobbied on behalf of established and big business. Through an army of committed organisations up and down the country now uniting to inform the Government on key micro and small business issues we can ensure all levels of business have a voice and influence.”

The Alliance is chaired by Ian Cass, Chief Executive of the Forum of Private Business. “The pandemic support for businesses highlighted that those at the micro end of small businesses missed out on the help that some other businesses received, not through any intention by the Government, but simply because there was a lack of understanding of micro businesses and no organisation that could represent their collective needs,” said Ian Cass. “We are now correcting that. Through the supporters of the Alliance we estimate that we can share the perspectives of nearly 1.2 million micro and small businesses in our high streets and communities, and ensure that they can work in a thriving environment which is understood and championed by the Government’s levelling up agenda.”

The UK’s Small Business Commissioner, Liz Barclay added her support. “I very much welcome the launch of the Micro Business Alliance. We have a wonderful network of organisations across the country that tirelessly help small businesses, start-ups and micro businesses. But getting their diverse needs mapped onto the Government’s business plan has been challenging. The Alliance now gives us the opportunity to do that and ensure that the critical part that they play in creating thriving business communities is fully recognised and backed both by Westminster and Regional Administrations.”

Any business organisation involved with start-ups, micro businesses and small businesses is encouraged to join the Alliance to maximise the reach and voice of the millions of businesses that rely on them.

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