Company: Sole Trader – Nadine Khaznadar

Region: London

Location: Greater London

Nadine Khaznadar is a freelance trainer who was contracted to supply a 4-week training course to a large training agency.

A complaint was received from Nadine Khaznadar after she contacted the agency (who were not adhering to their agreed payment terms) on numerous occasions with regards to an outstanding invoice. The agencies terms of contract were that on the basis that an invoice should be submitted on the last working day of the month and payment would be made within 45 calendar days.

With the assistance from the Office of the Small Business Commissioner who contacted the agency on behalf of Nadine Khaznadar the issue of the outstanding invoice was resolved, and full payment was received.

Nadine Khaznadar wrote “My complaint was responded to promptly and result received almost immediately. I have already recommended your service to colleagues and friends. My caseworker was fantastic. Thank you for all your help.”