Company: Rob Shone Creative Ltd

Region: South East England

Location: Surrey

Rob Shone Creative Ltd, a freelance exhibition designer, was contracted to create designs for a large event and exhibition company.

After the project was complete, Rob Shone Creative Ltd made numerous attempts to chase payment because the large company had failed to meet the agreed payment terms. They were told that the delay was due to COVID-19, and paying employees was the company’s main priority, although the invoices were submitted prior to the pandemic.

Rob Shone Creative Ltd contacted the Office of the Small Business Commissioner for support. A Caseworker from the team contacted the large company and discussed the reason for non-payment. Although the pandemic had created financial problems for the company, the Caseworker was able to negotiate a payment plan agreeable to both parties, which cleared the outstanding invoices within an 8 week period.

Rob Shone Creative Ltd said: “I’d like to thank the Office of the Small Business Commissioner so much for their patience on this matter, and for helping me get the money owed to me. Our industry has taken a terrible hit with the crisis and I didn’t think I’d see the money, so I’m incredibly grateful. Stay safe and once again many thanks.”