Company: Knotweed Control Ltd

Region: South Wales

Location: Swansea

Knotweed Control Ltd are a small company with less than 50 employees supplying a bespoke service to destroy and control knotweed within the South Wales region.

Knotweed Control Ltd contacted the Office of the Small Business Commissioner after reading an article in Wales news.

A complaint was made to the Small Business Commissioner by Knotweed Control Ltd after being subject to continuous late and non payment of invoices from their contractor who were a large business and who were not adhering to the agreed payment terms implemented by Knotweed Control Ltd.

With assistance from the Small Business Commissioner team, who negotiated with the larger company on their behalf, knotweed Control Ltd were able to obtain full payment of all outstanding invoices plus interest charged for late payment.

Knotweed Control Ltd tweeted “Thank you very much for all your help getting my invoices paid. Payment due on YIPPEE!!:”