Company: JF Kehoe Installations Ltd

Region: Staffordshire

Location: Stafford

JF Kehoe Installations Ltd are a small business contracted by various companies in the hospitality sector to provide rental goods for use in venues, including sales, installations, repairs and servicing of a range of bar and catering equipment.

The SBC received a complaint from JF Kehoe Installations Ltd after they chased a large business over a period of months regarding outstanding invoices for services provided. The payment terms were on a monthly basis, and the complainant submitted invoices on the 1st of the month, for payment to be made within 21 days.

The complaint was received during COVID-19, when the hospitality sector had been shut down, although the invoices were due to be paid before the shutdown commenced.

The Office of the Small Business Commissioner invited the respondent business to discuss reasons for non-payment. Due to the challenging commercial conditions faced by the hospitality sector, the Small Business Commissioner encouraged both parties to work collaboratively to resolve the issue and help maintain cashflow for both businesses.

The Office of the Small Business Commissioner supported the mutually agreed resolution, with payment of £603.42 made as a full settlement for the outstanding invoices.

JF Kehoe Installations Ltd said: “We have received payment for all outstanding invoices and thank the Small Business Commissioner’s office for their assistance. They have been most helpful and we would have no hesitation in using their service again, if the need arises.”