Company: James Ince & Sons (Umbrellas) Ltd

Region: London

Location: Greater London

James Ince & Sons (Umbrellas) Ltd was chasing the non-payment of 2 invoices totalling £3,569.80, for retail goods provided to a large business. The agreed payment terms were for invoices to be paid within 30 days of submission.

After chasing payment, the respondent business advised that all staff including the accounts team, had been furloughed since mid-March 2020 however, they would attempt to prioritise and make payment for the outstanding invoices.

After receiving no communication, the following month James Ince & Sons (Umbrellas) Ltd once again chased payment, and was advised that the impact of COVID-19 had affected the company’s cash flow, but they would send part payment the following month.

Part payment of £1,000 was made as promised however, James Ince & Sons (Umbrellas) Ltd was unable to formalise a payment plan with the respondent business, and there was no confirmation of when the outstanding amount would be received.

Following this, James Ince & Sons (Umbrellas) Ltd reached out to the Office of the Small Business Commissioner for support and advice. Within one day of receiving the complaint, a Caseworker from the team contacted the respondent business and created a monthly re-payment plan. The plan was approved by both parties and the outstanding amount of £2,569.80 was paid over a 6 week period.

Richrad Ince, Managing Director at James Ince & Sons (Umbrellas) Ltd said: “Using the SBC’s services to mediate with a debtor was very helpful. You enabled a dialogue to be had before the need to resort to court action, which can damage future trading relationships. Your team were at all times professional and diligent for which I thank you.”                          

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