Company: Anonymous

Region: South Manchester

Location: Cheshire

A Business providing a procurement advisory service to large businesses was contracted to supply a service to a multi-national company.

A complaint was received from the business supplying the procurement advisory service after non-payment of their final invoices. In their complaint they advised they had non-payment of over £280K worth of invoices to their company, which had 5 employees. In their complaint they stated, ‘We urgently require your assistance in this matter as it is severely impacting our cash flow and potentially puts us into a bankruptcy position.’

With the assistance from the Office of the Small Business Commissioner who contacted the multi-national company on their behalf and the Small Business Commissioner who offered to hold a meeting to attempt to resolve the payment issue between the 2 companies the dispute regarding the outstanding invoices was resolved, and full payment was received.

On meeting with the Small Business Commissioner, the business who wished to remain anonymous, personally thanked the Commissioner and commented on how much help the Office of the Small Business Commissioner been to their business in helping the to avoid bankruptcy.