EOW Reflections 07/07/2023

There’s no such thing as a wasted conversation. I learn from everyone I talk to. I usually learn more than I contribute.

This week I learned a lot from the Azerbaijan Small Business Delegation to the UK. They were here to find out about how the UK supports small businesses. I learned that they can teach us a thing or two about catering for the vast range of needs of small and micro businesses. They make it convenient for busy bosses to access the information they need at every step of the way.

They have one stop shops in towns and cities where people starting up, scaling up, growing can go for information on everything from grants and funding to policies and processes.

We haven’t gone down that road in the UK. All the information and support a business could need is available here but it’s delivered by numerous entities across all sorts of channels. Because there’s no one entry point into a coherent system many would-be entrepreneurs are confused by the choice, don’t have the time of find the needle in the haystack, and fly solo, often learning about running a business the hard way.

Entrepreneurs are creative, adventurous, risk-takers with skills and talents that drive bigger business success. We’re often not wired for putting in place the processes necessary to get the payments in, the cash flowing and keep the business on track. Our mindset is different from that of people working in big corporates and institutions. We’re flexible, creative, agile problem solvers. It’s in the middle of the night we remember about invoicing and payments, tax and business plans. With a single point of entry to all the brilliant information and support that already exists, we’ll get the UK back on the road to prosperity. Anyone up for a conversation? I’m all ears.