FPB – Forum of Private Business

The Forum of Private Business has developed a great working relationship with the Small Business Commissioner, Mr Paul Uppal who is genuinely interested in Forum members issues. More importantly as an advocate and as a spokesperson he speaks their language. This is something that shouldn’t be underestimated, as government communication can very often be written and articulated in a way that makes it difficult for small business to understand or engage with and put into practice.


Paul has been proactive in meeting both Forum representatives and more importantly our members. We feel Paul is using the information he is gathering to build a true multi-dimensional view of late payment and the bigger picture of its causes and impacts, which is exactly the kind of creative thinking this issue requires. As an organisation we are confident that Paul is the right person to tackle this and we are sure he will grow and evolve in his role, which is exactly what is required from a small business perspective.
Ian Cass, MD, Forum of Private Business

For further information on the FPB and their work visit: www.fpb.org