Complaint Criteria

Are you a small business (less than 50 employees)?

Do you have a payment related issue with a large UK based business (more than 50 employees)?

You can still complain if you had fewer than 50 employees:

  • on the day when payment was due
  • on average in your last tax year
  • on average so far in your current tax year, if you’re at least 6 months into it
  • on average since your business started, if that’s less than 6 months ago
  • The regulations explain how to calculate your average number of employees.

Was payment due within the past 12 months?

Have you already attempted to resolve the payment issue with your customer?

The SBC might still accept your complaint if you have a good reason for not meeting these requirements, for example:

  • trying to resolve the problem with your customer would have damaged your business
  • deliberate delays by your customer stopped you complaining within 12 months of when payment was due

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