Signatory case study: Ridgeway Information

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Ridgeway Information’s journey to joining the PPC

Below is a case study from Ridgeway Information, a Prompt Payment Code (PPC) signatory and small business, on how and why they joined the Code.

So, who are you and what do you do?

Ridgeway Information is a professional services company that provides research, risk and analysis services. We help our clients identify opportunities, mitigate risks, tackle challenges and understand the real world and digital landscapes they inhabit. We do this by providing verifiable insight gained through research and analysis and making risk assessments. Our focus is on international issues, and we work cross-sector including in energy, education and culture. We work with major corporates, not-for-profit and public sector organisations.

Why did you decide to join the PPC?

Quite simply because the Prompt Payment Code aligns with our values, and we believe it is good for us to signal these to suppliers, clients, employees and partners. We aim to act responsibly and respectfully with whoever we are engaging. We joined the PPC as part of our wider commitment to responsible business practice. We also understand the wider social and economic value of making prompt payments and the implications of late payments, particularly for small businesses. The PPC articulates values we seek to uphold when we are working with a supplier – to be clear about payment terms, have open communication, be responsive and to pay promptly as agreed.

What steps did you take to align your payment practices with the Code?

The timeliness of Ridgeway’s payment practices is underpinned by good communication and close co-operation between our finance team and individual programme managers working to deliver on engagements. To embed this in our working practices and ensure we are aligned with the Code meant building in some very lightweight check-in mechanisms. This way, we are ensuring both financial and operational conversations with suppliers are clear and co-ordinated.

How will being a PPC signatory benefit Ridgeway Information and its current and future suppliers?

Our commitment to the PPC builds trust. Prospective suppliers can be assured that we will adhere to our payment commitments and are likely to start out on the right foot in that relationship. Current suppliers can hold us to account against the PPC commitments we have made. In becoming a PPC signatory, we are championing responsible business practices. We think this is also important and appealing to clients – even if they have not worked with us before, they get an understanding of who we are and how we operate based on our responsible business commitments, including the PPC.

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