Dissolved and Dormant Signatories

Company Name Company House No Companies house reason
2B Interface Ltd 5349060 Liquidation
A & A Solutions (known on companies house as BFMEXIT2 LTD) 8826827 Dissolved
aaa Green Solutions LTD 8364721 Dissolved
AB Agri Limited NF003316 Converted / Closed
Air Conditioning Technologies LTd 4669237 Dissolved
Alnwick Shopfit LTD T/A Ainwick Paint and Glass 4367264 Dissolved
Asbestos Business Contractors Ltd 5180172 Liquidation
Aspect Supportability Consultants Limited 5887977 Dissolved
Asset Based Finance Association 1249173 Liquidation
Atimco Ltd (Infomax Ltd) 6960955 Liquidation
Atom Consultants (Leeds) Ltd 6362216 Liquidation
AQUA HYGIENE LTD 3346491 Dissolved
BSkyB Group Plc 9158652 Dissolved
Buying Solutions   Closed
Chertsey College 10155948 Dissolved
Clickbank SC351945 Dissolved
Copyprint (East Anglia ) Ltd 4573923 Dissolved
Covent Global Solutions Limited 8745919 Dissolved
Dudhill Limited 8417467 Dormant
ECO Home Alternatives Ltd 7448119 Active proposal to strike off
Energize Investments 8571878 Dissolved
Freixenet 5311926 Dissolved
Gabriel Information Solutions Ltd 5468227 Permanently closed, strike off action commenced
GB Energy (Renewables) Ltd now known as RE-ENERGIZED LTD 6656092 Liquidation
Gentoo Group Limited 4039205 Converted / Closed
Grand Slam Events 11121621 Dissolved
Green Deal Consortia Ltd 8074733 Dissolved
ICS (Industrial Services) Ltd 5177970 Dissolved
K 10 Solutions Aberdeen Ltd  SC261770 Dissolved
Key Personnel Group Ltd 3766375 Dissolved
KVR Compliance Limited SC423324 Dissolved
LST Partnership LLP Trading as LST Projects Ltd DORMANT 10811456 DORMANT COMPANY
Management 4 Projects Ltd 7928170 IN ADMINISTRATION
Mesh-4-Safety 5704849 Dissolved
MFP Contracts Ltd previously MIDLAND FIRE PROTECTION LTD 6964564 Dissolved
military and aerospace coatings ltd 7809816 Dissolved
Omnium IT Recruitment Ltd 3807666 Active proposal to strike off
On Tap Communications Group Ltd 7292569 Dissolved
One Planets Consultants Ltd 8207400 Liquidation
Parrimark Technology (UK) Ltd 3759663 Dissolved
Principle Link ltd 3949904 Liquidation
ProTouch (UK) Ltd (Liquidation) 8148727 Liquidation
RDA Limited 9270443 Dissolved
Sand Resources Ltd 3709982 Dissolved
Scorch London 5871262 Liquidation
Shoo Fly Publishing 5027648 Dissolved
Sussex Enterprise Services Limited 4242100 Dissolved
Team 42 Ltd 5916283 Liquidation
The Breaks Company (UK) Ltd 4516827 Dissolved
The Consortium 3112633 Dissolved
The Look Inn 10474476 Dissolved
The North East Regional Portal (2001) (now known as ENTERPRISE DEVELOPMENT NORTH EAST LIMITED) 4312847 Dissolved
Trebbie Ltd (Previously creative direction consultants ltd) 6967439 DORMANT COMPANY
Vulcan Security Ltd 10352428 Dissolved
YTM Group Ltd 1605310 In Administration
Purely 4 it Ltd 7000600 Dissolved
Carlson Wagonlit Travel BR002690 DORMANT COMPANY
Devro Scotland Ltd SC129787 Converted / Closed
Yarlington Housing Group 3488535 Dissolved
Walker-Cox Limited  03460806 Dissolved
Waste Check Ltd 6506116 Dissolved
Wilson Construction Engineering Limited NI073072 Dissolved
Vivid Interiors 4386990 Dissolved
Tiny Treasures Gifts Ltd 6268539 Dissolved
SNACKPAX DISTRIBUTION LIMITED (formerly Eastern Facilities Management Solutions Ltd) 9601986 Dissolved
UK Contractors Group 6648728 Dissolved