Paying suppliers or partners promptly and within the agreed payment terms is not only an ethical responsibility but economically beneficial for all parties and the wider economy. Speed and certainty of payment and stable cash flow are essential for all businesses to flourish and grow.

Demonstrate your commitment to prompt payment and become a signatory to the Code.

PPC Self-declaration 2022

All signatories must confirm they are still compliant with the Prompt Payment Code (PPC). The deadline for 2022 PPC self-declaration forms has passed. However, if you have not yet submitted your return, please download the form and send it to the PPC mailbox as soon as possible.

We will be contacting signatories who have not submitted their form to confirm they’re still compliant with the Code.

If you are concerned that not all your payment practices are still compliant with the Code, please contact our team, who can develop an action plan to help your organisation achieve compliance again.

For more information and to download the form, visit our Self-Declaration 2022 area.

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