Case Studies

Company: Anonymous

Region: London

Location: Southwark

A small business in the IT sector was commissioned by a multi-national business to deliver a search engine optimisation project.

The project had been delayed several times by the large business but was eventually delivered within the agreed contractual terms by the small business. the  A complaint was submitted to the Office of the Small Business Commissioner after the multi-national failed to pay the final 15K invoice.

In the complaint it stated: “We have sent many e-mails, none of which have been answered even though we have spoken to the Accounts Payable department several times and requested that they acknowledge receipt of the invoice.”

A Caseworker from the Office of the Small Business Commissioner team contacted the multi-national business on behalf of the complainant and successfully resolved the dispute. Full payment of the outstanding invoice was received.

The small business that requested anonymity said:   

“Our case was handled excellently. We had a problem with a customer that is a very large company. Despite acknowledging and receiving the invoice for our consulting services, multiple phone calls and e-mails, they did not liaise with us.


“After contacting the SBC, we received full payment within a few weeks. It was a sizeable amount of money and we are very grateful for their help and feel very fortunate to have discovered that they exist, and offer this much needed service. Many thanks for your help in resolving this matter so quickly!”