Case Studies

Company: Magna Scaffolding Ltd

Region: Lincoln

Location: Lincolnshire

Magna Scaffolding Ltd is a small company (less than 50 employees) and supply custom-made scaffolding for commercial projects. Magna Scaffolding Ltd supplied scaffolding to a large leading contractor in the commercial construction sector.

Magna Scaffolding Ltd contacted the Office of the Small Business Commissioner after being unable to obtain overdue invoice payments alongside interest and charges made under the Late Payment of Commercial Debts Act 1998. Magna Scaffolding Ltd was subject to continuous late and non-payment of invoices as the large business failed to adhere to not only the the 30-day payment terms requested by Magna Scaffolding Ltd, but also its own standard 45 day payment terms.

The Small Business Commissioner team negotiated with the large business and was able to receive full payment of all outstanding invoices with interest and charges for late payment for the small business.”

Magna Scaffolding Ltd said :

“Thank you so much for your assistance, without which I’m sure I would still be waiting for payment.”