Case Studies

Company: K Times 2

Region: London

Location: Bromley

K Times 2 are a small graphic design business. A complaint was received from K Times 2 after they contacted a large, award-winning Global supplier with regards to two outstanding invoices.

The large international company had commissioned K Times 2 to deliver a graphic design service based on 30-day payment terms. Upon completion of the project the large business confirmed they were happy with the work and payment would be made however, this was not the case. K Times 2 attempted to obtain payment on numerous occasions without success.

After hearing about the Office of the Small Business Commissioner through word of mouth, K Times 2, contacted the team for assistance. A Caseworker investigated the complaint on behalf of the small business and recouped all monies owed to them within 2 weeks of receiving the complaint.

K Times 2, commented:

“I was very impressed with how easy it was to get through to an advisor and how quickly my complaint was dealt with and resolved.” 

The individual who referred K Times 2, to the Office of the Small Business Commissioner, commented:

“During my research I mentioned the Office of the Small Business Commissioner to an interviewee and suggested they contact the office. That was three weeks ago. I received an email today advising that the interviewee was paid in full after Caseworker, Amanda, contacted the debtor. So, from zero money to being paid in full within two weeks… that’s impressive!”